Science + Tech + Arts collaborations
to shape cities of the future

A two days festival to inspire, imagine and debate

29-30 June 2021

About the festival

How can science, technology and the arts help us to imagine, explore and prototype responses to the urban challenges of post-pandemic society?

What opportunities can arise from collaboration between scientists, engineers and creatives? And what’s their impact on society?

STARTS Urban Fest explores perspectives, visions and collaboration frameworks from all over the world.

Sign up to learn, debate and be inspired by over 50 international speakers working in policy making, urbanism, design, social innovation, science, contemporary arts and much more.

Human/Post human

Will we be able to draw the line between physical and digital?

Onlife Communities

How will communities thrive after social distancing and the hegemony of the digital?

Sustainable Cities

Can creativity inspire innovative ways of collaborating towards the ecological transition?

Strings in the City by Unwired Dance Theatre

Can we touch and move each other on the internet?
Through connected wearables placed on each arm and leg, the dancer reacts to the collective actions of an online audience.

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The full programe is now live!

2 days, international
speakers, over 20 sessions.


Matt Adams

Professor and Co-Founder "Blast Theory"

Alessandro Avataneo

Founder, Hypercritic

Renata Avila

Co-Founder and Council Member, Progressive International

Adriano Bacconi

Consultant, Math&Sport

Mara Balestrini

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) expert and technology strategist.

Luca Ballarini

Founder and Creative Director, Torino Stratosferica.

Lorenza Baroncelli

Architect, Researcher, Curator. Artistic Director Triennale di Milano.

Monica Bello

Director, Arts at CERN.

Chiara Bertini

Curator, MAXXI.

Alessandra Bianco

Corporate Communication Director, Lavazza Group

Ghislaine Boddington

Creative Director Body > Data > Space collective.

Andrea Bolioli

Research & Innovation Manager, CELI - H-FARM Innovation

Francesca Bria

President of Italian Innovation Fund, UN Advisor and S+T+ARTS Ambassador

Mario Calderini

Professor, Politecnico di Milano - Torino Social Impact

Anna Carbone

Associate Professor at Politecnico di Torino

Jesi Carson

Lead Designer, Partecipedia

Ciro Cattuto

Steering Committee Member, Fondazione CRT, Associate Professor, University of Torino

Mariona Ciller

Co-founder & Co-director, SokoTech.

Brice Coniglio

Founder & Artistic Director, Viadellafucina16 Condominio-Museo

Kate Crawford

Senior Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research & Research Professor at USC Annenberg

Clémence Debaig

Dance artist, Designer and Creative Technologist

Carlo De Marchis

Group Chief Evangelist, Deltatre

Tomàs Dìez

Director and founder, Fab City Initiative

Linda Di Pietro

Chief Cultural Officer, BASE Milano

Marta Di Vincenzo

Education Curator, ARTECO

Juan Carlos De Martin

Founder and Director of Nexa Center of Internet and Society.

Josè Luis De Vicente

Cultural Researcher, Head Curator of Sónar +D

Ralph Dum

Senior Expert, European Commission.


Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, HER: She Loves Data Research Centre.

Milou Jansen

Policy Adviser, Digital Rights, City of Amsterdam

Outi Kuittinen

Senior Expert, DEMOS Helsinki.

Morgana Lalli

Data Scientist, Deltatre

Matteo Lanfranchi

Founder of Reverb Srls and Effetto Larsen.

Massimo Lapucci

Secretary General, Fondazione CRT, CEO OGR Torino.

Veronika Liebl

Director of European Cooperation, Organization and Finance, Ars Electronica.

Vittorio Loreto

Director, Sony Science Computer Labs Paris.

Pietro Marini

Group Head of Innovation, Deltatre

Giorgio Marsiaj

Presidente, Consulta di Torino

Maria Grazia Mattei

Founder and President of MEET, Digital Culture Center

Geoff Mulgan

Professor, University College London and Former CEO, Nesta

NONE Collective

Gregorio De Luca Comandini, Mauro Pace, Saverio Villirillo, NONE collective

Daniela Paolotti

Senior Research Scientist, ISI Foundation

Ilaria Peretti

Assistant Curator, ARTECO

Matteo Pessione

OGR Tech Coordinator

Samuele Piazza

OGR Curator.

Carlo Ratti

Director at MIT Senseable City Lab.

Denis Roio

Founder & CTO at

Paola Sabbione

Culture Goal, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

Elly Schlein

Vice President, Emilia Romagna Regional Council

Karla Spiluttini

Project manager, STARTS Prize, Ars Electronica

Marleen Stikker

Founder of Waag.

Studio Above & Below

Perry-James Sudgen and Daria Jelonek, Studio Above and Below

Cristina Tajani

Councillor of the City of Milan.

Giulia Tommasello

Artist, Future FLora and Alma Project.

Menno Weijs

Project Manager, European Cultural Foundation

Pontus Westerberg


300.000 Km/s

Mar Santamaria Varas and Pablo Martinez Díez, 300.000 Km/s

Other speakers to be announced over the coming days!

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